Friday, August 06, 2010

Emma can petal!

Finally Emma learned to petal her bike! She is so proud!

We don't normally ride bikes inside the house but its 105 degrees outside so we are hybernating in the air conditioning!!! Looking forward to fall already!

the lake 2010

We were invited back to our friends lake house this summer. We had a blast last year but this year Emma joined us.
The girls and their daddy enjoyed some fishing! Got to get the girls their own poles - they loved it!!
Emma ready for a jet ski ride!

Mommy and her big girl!
Grace ready for some boat time! (My favorite picture... she is such a little model with that little smile!)

And all the girls!

Riley, Emma, Syndey and Grace
(I loved this picture b/c Grace is being such the oldest and telling Sydney what not to do!ha!)
Thanks for a great weekend!!