Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emma's last day of the guppies

Emma had a fun last day of school too! 

They made ice cream sundaes - 3 year old style!  Basically the parents helped so we didn't have a mound of sprinkles with their scoop of ice cream!  haha!

All the class cuties.  Yup all girls!!  This is a tight group of girls!  And don't you love the aprons that the teachers helped the girls make!  Each had all their friends hand prints on them.  So cute! 

Emma and her 2 sweet teachers!  She loved them so much.  She's going to get a rude awakening when they aren't her teachers next year!!

And another flashback... emma's first day in the fall.  Amazing the change in just 9 short months! 

Grace's preschool graduation & last day

My biggest baby girl is officially a preschool graduate.

How did that happen?? She has blossomed into a five year old ready for Kindergarten. Her preschool puts on just about the cutest preschool graduation I've ever seen.

Adam and I were able to get a babysitter so we could devote our attention to Grace that night.

She is walking in with her class here. She was so excited!!

We couldn't be more proud of our baby girl!!

For fun I thought I would post a picture of her very first day of preschool. She was just 2 1/2 here. What a little cutie!! I miss those little curls!

Oh and I have couple pics of her last day of school. Here is her entire class. She really was blessed to make some good friendships!

And of course Grace with her caterpillar teachers. She and I both LOVED them! Exactly the kind of teachers she needed to prepare her for big girl school!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 months

My sweet little Layla bug is growing so fast!

She already celebrated her 2 month birthday.

Layla's 2 month stats were:

length - 23.5 inches (82%)

weight - 12lbs 11ozs (91%)

My big girl!!

This month Layla has really come to life! She has lost that newborn all curled up look and now just looks like a baby. You smile a lot, but mostly for your sisters and your daddy (of course!). You love your swing most days and are a great sleeper. You are a champ nurser, but have taken a handful of bottles pretty well. Honestly I think you are a typical third baby... laid back.

Thank you baby girl for being apart of our family. It wouldn't be complete without you!!

And look at that light hair... well lighter than her sisters ever was.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day festivities start early when you have children in preschool. The week before our preschool does the cutest things.

Emma's Muffin's with mom was first. Them made these precious "flower" picture pots so we knew where to sit at the table.

Emma told her teacher a little bit about her mommy. I'm 5! Did you know that?? (sorry i forgot to turn it!)

Emma's 3 year old friends - the guppy class!

Later that day I got to have tea with Grace and her class!!

She also told her teacher a little about me. Although I'm pretty sure cleaning dishes is NOT my favorite thing to do. Love that my children think I'm a mom at 12 :)

Grace's table all set for tea with mommy. How cute is this?!

The teachers even made a bulletin board with pictures of all the moms!

The actual mother's day was good too. Although Adam had to leave town that evening for business it was still a nice day with my family!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Layla's baptism

Layla was baptized at just 2 months old on Mother's Day! Forgive the pictures... these were the best we got. Our camera was not happy that day!

Pastor John and Pastor Dena and little Miss Layla.

Our family.

And our little (BIG!) family! Emma was having a rough day. Layla was a dream however during the baptism and the service. We are so blessed to have 3 precious little girls to fill our lives with!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a lot of firsts this Easter. Our first Holiday as a family of 5. Layla's first Easter. Our first road trip with 3 kids. And lots of first smiles.

Our Easter festivities started the weekend before this year. Our neighborhood hosts a fun Easter event each year. This year the Easter bunny was there, bounce houses, face painting (see Grace's face), egg hunting, and even a petting zoo (those poor animals being chased by a lot of kids!).

Layla even got to get out... she slept the entire time! She loves her ERGO and so do I!

The girls also had Easter parties and egg hunts at their preschool but getting there was good enough of me. Having my camera would have been by pure miracle!

For Easter weekend we headed to East Texas to spend the weekend with Adam's family. It's always so nice and quiet and relaxing there. No quick trips to Target or anything like that since nothing is really close by. But its a great excuse to stay in your cozy clothes all day and watch movies and enjoy family. And thankfully the drive wasn't bad. Layla slept the whole way both there and back... fitting every thing we needed for the weekend in car was another story :)

The Easter bunny came...
Layla and her basket...

The girls with their baskets.... Emma and Grace had a lot of questions. Emma wanted to know how the bunny was going to get there - by walking or driving... he hopped of course! And Grace wanted to know how he knew where we were since we weren't home... God tells him where we are at!

Pop pop and Layla were tired from all the action...

And a little egg dying too place.

But most of all Layla really started smiling at 5-6 weeks old! I LOVE when babies can start interacting more. What a sweet smile from our littlest sis!
And I don't have a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses... we actually didn't make it to church! Had every intention it just didn't happen. Thankfully the bluebonnet pics below they were wearing their dresses. :)

Happy late Easter to your family!!