Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grace's preschool graduation & last day

My biggest baby girl is officially a preschool graduate.

How did that happen?? She has blossomed into a five year old ready for Kindergarten. Her preschool puts on just about the cutest preschool graduation I've ever seen.

Adam and I were able to get a babysitter so we could devote our attention to Grace that night.

She is walking in with her class here. She was so excited!!

We couldn't be more proud of our baby girl!!

For fun I thought I would post a picture of her very first day of preschool. She was just 2 1/2 here. What a little cutie!! I miss those little curls!

Oh and I have couple pics of her last day of school. Here is her entire class. She really was blessed to make some good friendships!

And of course Grace with her caterpillar teachers. She and I both LOVED them! Exactly the kind of teachers she needed to prepare her for big girl school!

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