Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a lot of firsts this Easter. Our first Holiday as a family of 5. Layla's first Easter. Our first road trip with 3 kids. And lots of first smiles.

Our Easter festivities started the weekend before this year. Our neighborhood hosts a fun Easter event each year. This year the Easter bunny was there, bounce houses, face painting (see Grace's face), egg hunting, and even a petting zoo (those poor animals being chased by a lot of kids!).

Layla even got to get out... she slept the entire time! She loves her ERGO and so do I!

The girls also had Easter parties and egg hunts at their preschool but getting there was good enough of me. Having my camera would have been by pure miracle!

For Easter weekend we headed to East Texas to spend the weekend with Adam's family. It's always so nice and quiet and relaxing there. No quick trips to Target or anything like that since nothing is really close by. But its a great excuse to stay in your cozy clothes all day and watch movies and enjoy family. And thankfully the drive wasn't bad. Layla slept the whole way both there and back... fitting every thing we needed for the weekend in car was another story :)

The Easter bunny came...
Layla and her basket...

The girls with their baskets.... Emma and Grace had a lot of questions. Emma wanted to know how the bunny was going to get there - by walking or driving... he hopped of course! And Grace wanted to know how he knew where we were since we weren't home... God tells him where we are at!

Pop pop and Layla were tired from all the action...

And a little egg dying too place.

But most of all Layla really started smiling at 5-6 weeks old! I LOVE when babies can start interacting more. What a sweet smile from our littlest sis!
And I don't have a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses... we actually didn't make it to church! Had every intention it just didn't happen. Thankfully the bluebonnet pics below they were wearing their dresses. :)

Happy late Easter to your family!!

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The Lada Family said...

omg! cutest smile from "littlest sis"