Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Burn baby burn...

I am sore. Today I got a good work out. Running? Nope, not this week. Adam is traveling and when he does that it really puts a damper on my running schedule so after reading several reviews I went to my favorite store, T@rget, and bought me Jillian's 30 day Shred. You know the Jillian from The Biggest Loser.

It was a GREAT workout. And it was only 20 minutes. Who doesn't have time for that. I still plan to run, but to fill in the gaps with this video. (I'm totally over Turbo Jam!)

Would you believe that I've been running consistently for over 6 months!? I'm so proud of myself. :)

So no more excuses. If you have spent the last 20 minutes reading blogs, checking email or your facebook page... then you totally have time.

Oh and the video is on sale this week for $13! You will also need a couple hand weights... I already had 2, but I did happen to notice the weights are on sale this week too.

Guess everyone is trying to get rid of those extra pounds from winter in time to put that swimsuit on!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think every mom goes through this. At least I hope every mom does... because then it makes me normal.

I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. Nothing major. Just a small one.

You see when I lived in Oklahoma everyone there knew me as more than (just a) mom. They knew me as the hard working Human Resources Benefits Administrator or the hard working part-time HR Assistant (remember that short time I actually went back to work part-time?) or the part-time preschool teacher (remember the semester I worked at Grace's preschool?).

But here in Texas, I'm just mom (aka Lisa).

Now by no means don't get me wrong I love being mom to Grace and Emma. I love waking up each morning knowing my job is to teach, love, have fun and instill values that will guide them into adulthood. I would never trade my job for the world.

But lately I've been missing work. You know the adult interaction, the rush of a deadline (other than nap time) and the paycheck :)

I know I don't want to work at a real paying job right now. I know I want to be home.

Some days I even wish I was already back to work. Others I think I'm crazy for wishing my girls childhood away.

Last night Adam and I went to a wedding. It was beautiful. At the wedding we ran into Adam's 4th grade teacher and she asked me if I was staying home. I said yes. She then proceeded to tell me to enjoy every minute because you have the rest of your life to work. I've heard this many times before, but I think I needed to hear it again. I'm sure I will need to hear again in the future as well. I'm only human right.

I've also been thinking a lot lately about when I do go back (you know in like 5 or 6 years) what I'll do. As much as I love HR I don't know that I could back to the long days and only 2 weeks vacation a year. I've thought a lot about teaching. I was actually an elementary ed major until my junior year. I changed b/c I felt like with education that was all I could do... teach. But which my degree I got... Communication and a business minor I felt I had more options and I could always go back. While I wont say I regret that decision, I often think of what my life might be like if I had not changed.

Who knows if I'll ever get that teaching certification or whether or I'll even up back in the business world... but one thing I do know (despite the minor crisis) is I wouldn't trade my current job for any other one.

Even if it means no vacations, no sick days, the lack of pay (HA!), no company perks, no raises or bonuses, and having to report to 2 bosses that sometimes are quite demanding... I'll take it. I'll have my time to work again.

For now, I'll be thankful I even have the identity of mom. God has truly blessed us.


And since every post is better with a picture... check out these pictures... my sweet friend Megan snapped them this weekend. Not sur what is up with the faces Emma was making, but we managed to get several good ones and even a couple cute family pics! Thanks again Megan!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Emma has finally figured out that Grace's stools are pretty handy to get to thing she wants too... like mom's silverware!


We *tried* to take pictures of the girls in the bluebonnets....

We have lots of fun running around and smelling the flowers (and someone even tried to pic one even though her mommy told her over and over on the way there that flowers are to smell not pick!).

We had fun talking to our sister.

But didn't get one of the girls smiling and looking.

There's always next year. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dancing and stuff

First off, thank you for all your great ideas. The girls do play outside some and I like the bubble and chalk and water ideas, except those don't mix well with a chalk eating, bubble-drinking and wet baby! Plus if Grace is doing those then Emma is totally going to want to do those. Maybe in another few months. For now I think I'll just keep strapping her into the highchair and throwing some crackers at her. But I'll plan to try all your ideas in another few months.
Another update is I found some great little bloomer shorts at Walmart this morning! I think these were brand new, but they were only $2.50! What a deal. I snagged up one in every color :)
And lastly I thought I would share this cute video of the girls in the car. We listen to kids music every once in a while (basically as long as I can stan it!), then we move to the Christian station. My girls LOVE when I have their music on and just shake and move. Of course Grace was wondering only wanted to shake her bottom when I started videoing... which when you are strapped into a carseat is sort of hard.
Oh and I was stopped at a red light. I didn't try to do this while the car was moving!
* I should also add that this cd is really pretty good... this particular song happens to be a little annoying. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The witching hour...

If you are a mom you know exactly what "the witching hour" is.

If you aren't a mom or a dad for the matter, it is the hour in which all H*LL breaks loose in your house... you are trying to get dinner started, the kids are hungry, tired, your husband isn't home yet and they want your undivided attention in the form of carrying them around.

So really this hour typically falls from 5-6 in our house. I've done many things to try to make this hour be better. I've tried planning meals that I can cook during nap or at least prepare and then I just need to pop in oven. I've tried pulling out new toys and even letting my girls watch tv (which by the way Emma hates TV... I mean at this age I could at least engage Grace in a few minutes of Baby Einstein, but Emma has NO interest!... minus the 2 times last week that she watched maybe 2 minutes of Elmo's World).

Back to my story... so I try everything. Grace is pretty easy to get busy... I pull out the crayons and a coloring book and she is happy... at least for 15 minutes. But Emma is my issue. She still eats crayons, but of course wants to do whatever her sister is doing! Any suggestions?? Tonight I pulled out some pots and pans and some plastic measuring cups and that worked for oh 4 minutes... got any other ideas to make my witching hour not so bad. By the way... I made spaghetti tonight so its not really one of those things I can't make way early. Maybe I just need to work on Adam getting home by 5 everyday. He does go to work before 6:30 most days!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!



He is Risen!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I haven't felt like I've had much to blog about lately. I feel like I've a bit of a chauffeur driving the girls to whatever we are doing next... school, speech, playdate, library, etc.

But here are a couple cute videos I've taken this week.

Here are both my little monkeys.

And Emma has really started to walk more. After 2 months since she took her first step, she has finally decided that its much better to walk than crawl... sort of... like 60% of the time. Anyway, here is her "I just got off a horse" walk!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dallas Blooms

Adam finally took a comp day off after working all these long days and weekends so we decided to head to the Arboretum!
It was a perfect sunny 70 degree day and since it was a during the week it nice and quiet.
Grace wanted to pose for picture after picture.
But Emma was more interested in pushing the stroller
or turned up her nose when mommy was trying to get a picture!

Emma wanted to climb on the benches (our little monkey!),

and blew bubbles at the tulips,
while Grace took more pictures with mommy :)
Thankfully busy Emma stopped to pose for just one picture and luckily mommy caught it!

Thursday, April 02, 2009