Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dancing and stuff

First off, thank you for all your great ideas. The girls do play outside some and I like the bubble and chalk and water ideas, except those don't mix well with a chalk eating, bubble-drinking and wet baby! Plus if Grace is doing those then Emma is totally going to want to do those. Maybe in another few months. For now I think I'll just keep strapping her into the highchair and throwing some crackers at her. But I'll plan to try all your ideas in another few months.
Another update is I found some great little bloomer shorts at Walmart this morning! I think these were brand new, but they were only $2.50! What a deal. I snagged up one in every color :)
And lastly I thought I would share this cute video of the girls in the car. We listen to kids music every once in a while (basically as long as I can stan it!), then we move to the Christian station. My girls LOVE when I have their music on and just shake and move. Of course Grace was wondering only wanted to shake her bottom when I started videoing... which when you are strapped into a carseat is sort of hard.
Oh and I was stopped at a red light. I didn't try to do this while the car was moving!
* I should also add that this cd is really pretty good... this particular song happens to be a little annoying. :)


Erin said...

Yeah, I think I'd only be able to tolerate that music for about 2 mins! What cuties they are!

hyperactive lu said...

Ok, yeah...that music would get on my nervous too!! Hee hee! We've gotten a few veggie tales cds and the boys like that. Its not totally horrible and you can actually stand it for a little longer than 2 mins.

Cute video!!!

Holly said...

What adorable little girls! By the way, I really like your blog theme, the pink background is very pretty. :)