Friday, June 24, 2011

summer is rough

To get ready for Kindergarten we aren't giving a nap anymore.  Unlike most 5 year olds she could still nap if I wanted her to.  So summer has been busy and long. And one afternoon I found her coloring and asleep!! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Bible Camp 2011

Vacation Bible Camp was busy busy!! I was on our planning team again this year.  Let me tell you that being on the planning team is strictly volunteer and with 2 preschoolers and an infant it was BUSY!  But after a busy couple weeks, Vacation Bible Camp was here and I could relax a bit and have fun! 

This was also the first time Layla went to the church nursery.  Thankfully she was blessed to be in bitty baby class with only 4 other babies.  They also had 2 nursery workers and a youth volunteer that was fabulous!  She did great.  And I think she loved it despite the look on her face the first morning.

Looks like she is saying... "Your leaving me here... ". 

 The girls and I had a great week!!  Here we are ready to go! 
 Emma and three of her church buddies.  These girls are tight!  They also all go to preschool together. 
And Grace with her girlfriend!  These two are good friends!  
God was wild about us that week!!  What a blast we had!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Layla is 3 months!

Miss Layla Kate is 3 months!!  Apparently she was thrilled about this :)
 During this photo shoot all she wanted to do was look at her toes.  Love when the discover new things.

 Layla always a sister watching over her...

a friend for the road...

a cuddle partner...
 and a playmate to watch.  This baby is nearly Layla's size!

Layla is also know to fall asleep in some pretty odd ways. 
During tummy time... 
 While cuddling with a certain big sister..
 or while swinging away. 
And as you can see she loves her paci! 

But mostly she is just a happy baby!  
We couldn't be more blessed with our third baby girl!!
Happy 3 months Layla!