Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Click below to see pictures from past years...

I will post pictures of them in their costumes tomorrow!! Have a wonderful evening trick or treating with your little ones or giving out candy to ones that visit your house!

Monday, October 26, 2009


October... so far
We have had a LOT of rain. I mean a LOT!
In between the rain we were able to get out a bit and enjoy some slightly cooler weather.
Emma loves her little car. Actually loves still loves it too - so we are learning to share. It's going okay...

We had 3 different trips to the pumpkin patch cancelled b/c of the silly rain. But finally early last week we were able to go. It was a bit chilly and super windy, but we still had fun!
The girls....

Me with the girls...
Waiting for our turn at the hayride - its it beautiful looking out onto the patch.

Enjoying the ride.

Enjoying the pumpkins. Emma had to carry her own - at least there were several that were her size!

We also made it down to Austin again this month to hang out with the Dugan clan. Christee is doing great! It's kind of a day by day thing, but really she is very inspiring and very prayerful that she will beat it! If you want to keep up with her - here is her caring bridge page.
It also happened to be Kaitlynn's Homecoming. Here she is posing with her fabulous mum before school. A fun southern tradition!

Here Kaitlynn is again ready to perform at half-time!

The other kiddos at the football game. It was the first football we have taken the girls to and they did great! We stayed until after half-time!
Grace, Kaleb and Kameron

And just hangin' out. This is the island or really the table that we all hang out around most the day! I just love that Emma has to pose when I pull the camera out!
And then last night we went to our church's trunk or treat. So fun!
Grace was a princess for the night.

And after the Aggies win on Saturday over Tech, Emma had to be an Aggie cheerleader!! Here she is enjoying everyone bouncing her!
And finally a little sisterly love. I told Grace to hold onto her sister to make sure she didn't fall out and she wrapped her arm around her and shockingly Emma let her!


OH and we can't forget the baby news. My parents were the ones to send Emma the baby. Thank you gigi and papa! Emma loves it. Here she is with another one of her many babies. Such a sweet mommy to rock and 'shhhh' her baby!

Tune in this weekend for Halloween pictures!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

who did it?

We got a sweet little package in the mail on Tuesday.

Someone sent Emma a new baby.


The only problem is we have no clue who to thank.

There was no packing slip or anything.

So if you sent Emma a new baby doll (the same one she has except with perfect little arms) please let us know. She is so happy, but now she wants both babies. At least now I have one I can wash and one she can have.

Thank you Thank you! xoxo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

emma's baby

We try to keep "baby" in Emma's crib.

But sometimes the baby escapes the crib and comes along with us.

Emma has become pretty attached to baby. If she could have her way baby would come everywhere us. You know the nasty grocery store carts, church, Grace's school, speech, etc. Thankfully I can usually persuade my 19 month old that baby would rather stay in the car. And in those cases she usually asks to bring her lovey in. (Which I usually let her - oh and yes you caught me - she has a baby AND a lovey she has to carry around everywhere we go - as if I don't have anything else to carry-thankfully we do have 6 loveys in case one goes missing or is in the wash!)

The problem - baby was on the verge of loosing an arm. So naturally I headed to Toys R Us where baby came from and of course no babies like the baby we have. They only have the boy bear that is the same kind/brand, but of course its blue and a bear so it wouldn't work.

So today I decided to repair baby. I though it would easy. WAY wrong. You see the arms are made of ribbon that has frayed a bit. So sewing it back was no fun. I could hardly squeeze it under the foot to sew it. But for now baby is repaired.

And I'm on a mission to go to every Toys R Us and look everywhere online and buy us another baby - or two. You know just in case it happens again.

And so everyone can make fun of my sewing job - here is the beloved baby. I was able to bribe Emma with another baby while her baby was being washed and repaired.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Run Lisa Run

Last October I began running. No goal more than just to run a few 5K's, burn a few calories and just be in shape. I was pretty good at keeping at it. I would run some weeks several times a week, then Adam would be out of town or it would raining and that pretty much threw running out the window.

I've been thinking for quite a while that I really wanted to making running apart of my lifestyle. You know every week run 15 miles give or take a few. Then a little over a month ago I decided to take the plunge with encouragement from a couple friends, my brother and my aunt to train for a half marathon.

13.1 miles is a long distance.

WAY longer than I had ever run before.

But I thought that training for a half marathon doesn't mean I have to run it. Well now that I've been 'training' for a month, there is no turning back.

I still haven't signed up yet, maybe this week, but I'm planning to run my first half marathon on December 13th.

Less than a month after I turn the BIG 3-0.


I'm only up to 6 miles for my long runs on the weekends. But it hasn't been too bad.

So that's the plan.

My only goal is to finish.

No timing myself.

No trying to beat someone else.

I just want to finish and I want to run the whole thing.

Simple right?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I heart hooded towels

I have more pictures that I can possibly count of my girls after bath in their hooded towels. We got maybe 3 or 4 when Grace was born that have now been passed down to Emma and I love them. I know Emma is getting taller and is almost in need of a bigger towel but until then you get to see more shots of her all wrapped up. My little bug!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

cousin Jackson

My big brother and his little boy Jackson were in town this past weekend. Becky came into town too, but was only able to stay for a day because of work. So I didn't get a lot pictures and the ones I did get weren't fabulous. Hopefully we can get a cute cousin picture at Christmas when they come for a week!!

All 3 Brooks' cousins - Grace not being cooporative.
Jackson and Emma busy chatting away
Jackson not sure about Grace's bear hug
And busy playing doctor!
(For anyone who knew Todd, my little brother, as a little boy -doesn't Jackson look so much like him?)