Sunday, October 04, 2009

cousin Jackson

My big brother and his little boy Jackson were in town this past weekend. Becky came into town too, but was only able to stay for a day because of work. So I didn't get a lot pictures and the ones I did get weren't fabulous. Hopefully we can get a cute cousin picture at Christmas when they come for a week!!

All 3 Brooks' cousins - Grace not being cooporative.
Jackson and Emma busy chatting away
Jackson not sure about Grace's bear hug
And busy playing doctor!
(For anyone who knew Todd, my little brother, as a little boy -doesn't Jackson look so much like him?)


Erin said...

I didn't know your brother as a little boy, but he looks like a lot like you and your mom!

The Lada Family said...

the first picture of Grace cracks me up!

bryan said...

glad the kid's had fun this weekend - ill send over some pix when i download them tonight.