Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Layla Kate

My third precious baby girl was born on March 10th and already 5 days after her birth she has stollen our hearts forever. I hope to post some pictures and her birth story soon but just wanted to tell you she is here. ;)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Emma's THREE!!

Whenever I sit down to reflect on another year gone by, it just simply amazes me how quickly children really do grow.

My sweet Emma turns 3 today. How in the world is that even possible? I can still remember the day she was born so well. I remember what a sweet and calm and good baby she was.
At three Emma is a busy bee. She always wants to do, have, be whatever her sister does, has or is. :) She also knows how to stand her ground when she doesn't get her way. Emma loves loves loves school. She is pretty sad on the 1 day that Grace goes to school and she doesn't. She loves to do anything hands-on from painting and coloring to digging in the dirt.

Emma is also more of my girly girl... she loves to have her finger and toe nails painted and definitely has an opinion about what she wears each day (and night for that matter). She is sometimes even more particular about her panties :)
She is by far my social butterfly. She is always amazing me with the words she says and the things she knows that I had no clue she did. She counted to 20 the other day and I was shocked. No clue she could do that!

This may sound silly but I really feel like she was meant to be a middle sister. I see her as always finding ways to stand out as her own person... and not just the sister squeezed between her older and younger sister. We'll see if I'm right.

Here is my sweet Emmy year by year. (Take note of her shirt... it was Grace's shirt when she was 3... and I'm pretty sure you will see the 1 year one next year on Layla!)

1 week old




Third year stats:

weight - 32 lbs

height - 37 inches

Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl!!