Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Would you believe that I haven't taken a single picture since the 4th of July? And even then I only took 1. Pathetic. I use to be the mom that took about 100 pictures a week and had to pick and choose what I was going to blog about because I certainly couldn't blog about every picture I took.

In the last month we have been busy. Too busy apparently to grab my camera. Maybe we haven't been that busy, but perhaps its just really that I've forgotten to grab it.

We haven't done anything terribly exciting. A couple BBQ's, a few days in Little Rock, a few days at the pool and time around house. And all the while we went, my camera stayed in its little spot untouched.

So for August I promise to be better and remember to pick up my camera on our way out the door.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

going south...

We went south to visit family! Adam had to work in Austin for a week so the girls and I and my mom decided to join him for the week. We stayed with my brother and sister-in-law and their kiddos!
Here is all the cousins - Kaitlynn, Kameron, Kaleb and my girls
My mom towing all the little ones at the Blue Hole - such a fun natural spring!
Kaitlynn and Christee lounging...

Emma enjoyed her first movie - Toy Story 3! As long as their was a steady flow of popcorn she was happy.
Grace loved going on rides in the golf cart (no she never drove!)

And Emma rode on the 4-wheeler with Uncle Paul.

We even got to enjoy a little adult time with all the brothers and sister-in-laws at the Roger Creager concert at the Nutty Brown. What a fun place - just hidden in the hill country!

Unfortunately Christee isn't doing well. She was having migraines while we were there and days after we left she was admitted to the hospital. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Here is a link to her caring bridge site where Paul posted an update.
Please pray for her and the family!!


What a week! Our church's VBC (Vacation Bible Camp) was a couple weeks ago and what fun. I was on this years planning team and on a team in charge of decorations! And we don't disappoint! During the week I did preschool crafts so I got to go to Grace's class and see her do crafts. Emma isn't old enough so she got to hang out in the nursery with her friends. She also got to come sing and dance in the santuary at the end. What a fun and exhausting week :)
Emma and her class! Emma is being held by the girl in the black shirt (those are youth volunteers that are awesome... and they were teamed up with some adults!)
Grace and her class! Her teachers wore yellow everyday - they were the Yellow Righteous Rats.

I caught Grace in the halls one day as the line leader. She LOVES being the line leader!!