Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Isn't our little pumpkin adorable! Gotta love it. We put the costume on her this past weekend when we went to a Halloween Party. She didn't mind the costume, just wasn't sure she wanted the hat on.
She will also get to sport her costume again tonight when we head to downtown for a Halloween thing our little town puts on for the kids. Hopefully it wont be too cold!

Here are pics of Adam and I, with our good friends, Joey and Hailey,... aka... The Flinstones and The Rubbels! :) Cute huh. We made the costumes ourselves. We are quite crafty! (Oh and Adam and I look a little tired b/c we were!)


Lindsay said...

you all look great!
I love Gracies pumpkin costume! T is gonna be a spider, heehee!

Margaret said...

Love the costumes! Have Fun tonight - we are going to Downtown Denison for Trick & Treating! :) Wanna come to the Library Thursday?