Sunday, October 22, 2006

Out of town...

Adam and I leave tomorrow morning for Germany for the week... so yes that means that we will be leaving Grace behind. :( I am sure she will be just fine with grandma (and her babysitters... THANKS Lindsay!), but me on the other hand, well I'm already missing her. Shoot I can hardly leave her for an afternoon let alone 5 days and 4 nights. But we couldn't pass up this trip. The way I figure is that at some point I'm going to have to leave her, so I guess I need to try it out now. The only bummer is that I will have to pump since I am still breastfeeding, but well worth the trouble.

We will post pics when we get back and let you know how Grace does (and me too!).

Have a great week!

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Lauren Austin-Schwitters said...

So... I hiffened (i don't know how to spell that word) my last name because i didn't know if you would know who schwitters was. I have a blog, but i forgot how to log on. Anyways. Your child is so cute, and I miss you and adam. Barry and I will be home for the last gilmer home game in november, and at christmas this year, so we will HAVE to get together okay? You seem like yall are the cutest family and you are the coolest mom for sure! You're gonna be the cool house to go to! Have fun in GERMANY!!! Love Lauren