Monday, October 30, 2006


Well we are back!! The trip went really well and went by super fast which was probably good since anytime there was a slow moment I was thinking of Grace and what she was doing and if she was missing me. :) We had some great German food, struggled with the language since only like 10 people in Germany speak English, and stayed up really late and drank a little bit too. But it was really fun. The only down side was on our way home our flight from England to Chicago ran a little late and we missed our flight home to Dallas. We got stuck in Chicago for 8 hours and finally got to Dallas after 26 hours of traveling so we were exhausted to say the least!

Here are a couple pics of Dusseldorf, Germany.
Behind us is City Hall
Most of the cars are this size or smaller! Lots of Sausage
Our Hotel

Oh and Grace did great while we gone. It was good for her to get some quality time with grandma and grandpa! She did surprise us by saying her first word while we were gone... "Dada"!!... of course... I'm home with her all day and the thanks I get is "Dada"... oh well! :)

The first day we were gone Grace stayed with our friend Linsday for several hours. Here is a video she made of Grace and her little boy, Travis, who is 2 weeks younger than Grace. I'm sure it was like having twins!!! Thanks Linz!

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Lindsay said...

I am so glad you guys have fun and are home safe!!!!!