Saturday, October 14, 2006

8 Months

Can you believe it?? Grace is growing so fast.
Here is what she is up to this month:
*Crawling everywhere... as you have seen in previous posts.
*Pulling up to standing all the time in her crib and a few times playing.
*Her best friend is the puppy, Sammie! They are becoming good buds.
*She says bababa and lalala... no mama or dada yet! :(
*She weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces earlier this week...which puts her at the 50% for weight.
*She eats anything she can feed herself. She still hates baby food. Her favorite food seem to be Mexican... loves black beans, rice and avacados!
*Her favorite thing to do it to play airplane with dad... he flies her around the room like an airplane.
*Her favorite toy is probably anything she knows she isn't suppose to have... she finds everything now.
I've just updated our family picture website. FINALLY! Click HERE to check it out!


Melanee said...

I love all your new stuff! What a cute crawler! I hope she's feeling better now. Poor baby.

Margaret said...

Cute Shirt!!! - Where did you get it?