Friday, November 03, 2006

My busy bee

Grace is very busy these days. (Also the reason why I haven't been able to post so much.) She is crawling much faster now and seems to find/touch/eat anything she can get her hands on. We have just finished baby proofing the house, which mainly consisted of plug covers and cabinet stoppers to keep her out of all the cleaning products. Let me tell you though, those cabinet stoppers (whatever they are really called...) are practically adult proof too! Adam and I can't seem to remember the cabinets are baby proofed and we go to try to open the cabinet like normal and it doesn't open... doh! Well I guess this is probably a good thing since kids seem to figure everything out.

Anyway, here are few pics of her exploring the house.
She tried to eat the fake ivy (don't worry I didnt let her!),

tried to pull the lamp and phone off the end table (thankfully she was unsuccessful, so she just tried to eat the cords!), put her little fingers into the Sammie's water bowl (we already had to move the bowls from the kitchen into the laundry room, so we can close the door, but anytime it is open she goes straight for them!), and she likes to go behind the couch (thankfully there is enough room between the couch and wall that I can vacuum so it isn't grose back there or anything!). She is a complete mess, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It is definitly fun, exciting and each day brings some new adventure. Growing up sure is a blast!


Lace said...

We really hope to see you guys on Sat.! Cant wait to see Miss Grace and love all over her!

Lindsay said...

WOW, she is busy!!!!
I loved having her here and mobile it was SO fun!