Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Teething stinks!

For the last week Grace has been little Miss fuss! I could tell that her top teeth weren't far from coming so I gave her a bit of Tylenol or Motrin when it was really bad. Well Monday she got a fever of 102. Then yesterday her fever persisted all day and got up to 103.5... and the meds were not helping. The doc looked her over yesterday morning at her 9 month appointment and said he really thought it was just her teeth or possibly a weird virus, but wouldn't know if it was that for a day or two.

Well last night was terrible. I think it was the worst night we have had since bringing Grace home from the hospital or close to it. She was up before we even went to bed at 9:30! Adam rocked her back to sleep, but she was up again at 10:30... well this is pretty much how the nigth went. Around 12 I decided to go to sleep in the guest bedroom and bring Grace into bed with me. That helped for a bit, but she was up around 3 and 5... I finally fed her at 5 and she was out till 6:30... so needless to say I'm so tired. But for some reason Grace is bright eyed and bushytailed! Oh and she finally broke her fever at 6:30... I got her out of her crib and she was drinched in sweat! Poor baby. But she seems to be feeling better today, but no new teeth yet. Hopefully soon because I need some sleep!


Lindsay said...

poor baby!
Dont you just hate those type of nights??!! We have been having them also YUK!
Take care

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! I am not sure if I am ready for kids yet! HA! I value my full night sleep.

I hope she feels better soon! Get some sleep as soon as you can. I am thinking of you.