Friday, June 10, 2011

Layla is 3 months!

Miss Layla Kate is 3 months!!  Apparently she was thrilled about this :)
 During this photo shoot all she wanted to do was look at her toes.  Love when the discover new things.

 Layla always a sister watching over her...

a friend for the road...

a cuddle partner...
 and a playmate to watch.  This baby is nearly Layla's size!

Layla is also know to fall asleep in some pretty odd ways. 
During tummy time... 
 While cuddling with a certain big sister..
 or while swinging away. 
And as you can see she loves her paci! 

But mostly she is just a happy baby!  
We couldn't be more blessed with our third baby girl!!
Happy 3 months Layla!  

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