Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day festivities start early when you have children in preschool. The week before our preschool does the cutest things.

Emma's Muffin's with mom was first. Them made these precious "flower" picture pots so we knew where to sit at the table.

Emma told her teacher a little bit about her mommy. I'm 5! Did you know that?? (sorry i forgot to turn it!)

Emma's 3 year old friends - the guppy class!

Later that day I got to have tea with Grace and her class!!

She also told her teacher a little about me. Although I'm pretty sure cleaning dishes is NOT my favorite thing to do. Love that my children think I'm a mom at 12 :)

Grace's table all set for tea with mommy. How cute is this?!

The teachers even made a bulletin board with pictures of all the moms!

The actual mother's day was good too. Although Adam had to leave town that evening for business it was still a nice day with my family!


The Lada Family said...

LOVE those "abotu mom" pages! Would love to hear what molly would say about me. I'm kinda scared actually! :-) "her favorite thing to do is yell" There's no telling.

The Lada Family said...

and... i think you should wear your hair curly all the time!

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