Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 months

My sweet little Layla bug is growing so fast!

She already celebrated her 2 month birthday.

Layla's 2 month stats were:

length - 23.5 inches (82%)

weight - 12lbs 11ozs (91%)

My big girl!!

This month Layla has really come to life! She has lost that newborn all curled up look and now just looks like a baby. You smile a lot, but mostly for your sisters and your daddy (of course!). You love your swing most days and are a great sleeper. You are a champ nurser, but have taken a handful of bottles pretty well. Honestly I think you are a typical third baby... laid back.

Thank you baby girl for being apart of our family. It wouldn't be complete without you!!

And look at that light hair... well lighter than her sisters ever was.


Lindsay said...

Wow, 2 months already! She looks JUST like Adam. Love her lil outfit!

E said...

She looks so different to me than Grace and Emma. What a sweetie! Time is a flyin!

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