Friday, April 29, 2011

1st day to church

Layla enjoyed her first Sunday at church a couple weeks ago. She did fabulously making it through both Sunday School and church service.

Each of my girls have worn the same dress for their first Sunday at church. It was just a dress that someone gave to Grace. Nothing terrible special but somehow has turned into a dress we will keep. I dug through some old pics and found a picture of each girl in the dress on their first Sunday to church... all around a month old. And as you can see they definitly all look alike... but different too!




Not sure what happened to the tights. I loved those!


E said...

Very sweet!

Tiffany said...

I love how they all wore the same dress to church for the first time. So sweet!

And I'm guessing you got rid of the tights a while back...ha!

Margaret said...

hey lisa - that is very sweet - your girls will love to have those photos when they are older!!!

melissaweyer said...

Love it!! So fun to compare each of their looks, especially in the same outfits :)