Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Grace had her first trip to Chuck E Cheese this past weekend with Molly! She LOVED it. I wasn't really sure if she would be into quite yet, but boy was I wrong. Only problem is she was deathly afraid of Chuck. As long as he stayed away she was fine. Here are a few pics of the girls having fun!!
Grace went down the big kid slide all by herself (like 100 times!)
This was the first encounter with Chuck... Grace broke down in tears when he got closer. :) Grace and Molly riding the horse!
Playing Skeeball... LOVED it... stunk at it, but loved it!
The girls trying rack up the points.
Grace became more interested in the tickets after a while... she even tried to take Molly's tickets.


Melissa said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Jaycie gets to go Friday to chuck E Cheese for her first trip for a friend's b-day. I'm betting on that she will be deathly afraid of Chuck too!!

Are those little flip flops she's wearing? Does she walk in them ok?

Megan said...

That looks amazing!! I would have thought she was too little to be into it too, but glad to see she had such a good time! She looks so proud on the big kid slide!

Jennisa said...

My daughter was afraid of Chucky too! I love how Grace is wearing brown...I just love dressing Avery in browns and pinks too!

Lu said...

I haven't taken Bubbie yet. Looks like I'm gonna have to! He'd have a blast!

Robin said...

How fun! It looks like they had a great time.

I used to be scared of Chuck E Cheese, too. I feel her pain.

Melissa said...

She looks really cute in the little flip flops!!

I can't get Jaycie to wear but one pair of her sandals. And getting her to try on a new pair is pretty much out of the question! - she doesn't even like it when I try on new shoes!