Sunday, July 12, 2009

ramblings... summer 09

Sorry to disappoint all my faithful readers... you know all 5 of you. I've been a pretty bad blogger.

I've been busy with summer fun really. I've been meaning to update that we ended up having to give up Miss Suzie. Grace was apparently allergic to her and kept breaking out in hives and itching like a little banshee every time she played with her. So Suzie is now living with my aunt Stephanie. It is really a great fit since Steph doesn't have any other pets right now (she is a HUGE dog lover and has nearly always had a dog as long as I've been alive) and loves the company in her quiet house. We were sad to see her go since she really was the perfect little dog. Someday we will get another dog... I guess some hypoallergenic dog :) I'm thinking maybe a labradoodle! But not for a few more years. Maybe when I get the itch for a third baby that is when we will get a dog! HA! :)

Speaking of babies... mine are doing great.

Grace is having a great summer. She is swimming like a little fish. I'm a terrible parent and have NO videos to show for it. She can pretty much swim underwater about half a pools length (oh 15 feet give or take?) She has even learned to come up for a breath and then keep swimming. Maybe the swim team is in her future?

Grace is also working hard on her speech. We have been working on "s" blends all summer with our neighbor. My next door neighbor is a speech pathologist and agreed to work with Grace all summer. We didn't want to lose any of the headway we were making this Spring. So far she has got most of them down...just still working on "sw" blends like "swimsuit"... which comes out "fwimfuit". But she continues to work hard so we couldn't be more proud.

Emma has been quite a little handful lately. I've actually nicknamed her "Hurricane Emma". A friend from church use to call her little girl that and when I heard it it just stuck! Maybe I just don't remember this age, but wow. She is BUSY. Her favorite thing to do these days is to play with her portable highchair seat belt. She will spend an hour just wanting to snap the seat belt closed and will ask us to unbuckle it so she can do it all over again. Maybe she is our future engineer?

Emma's language has also exploded this month. I really need to count her words, but she is nearly repeating anything we ask her to. I love that she asks for "snacks" or "water" now. Makes trying to decode what she needs so much easier. She has also turned over a new leaf and hasn't bitten in a while now. AMEN... maybe that stage is over with. I think not having the pacifier has helped.

Emma also continues to be our little monkey. She seems very coordinated and ready for gymnastics classes! I must get a video of her climbing... seriously Grace never got into half of what this little one does.

Well I'm off to enjoy another HOT summer day. I hope to post some new pics and videos soon. How is your summer going??


Erin said...

I think the business of Emma is a sign of the second child. Ha ha, I was the same way. I kept my mom really busy! :)

Summer is going great! Leave for GA on Saturday!

Lu said...

Ha! I think our youngest children have entered the wonderful world of Toddler hood!!! He climbs constantly- forever getting into stuff- he is making me earn my keep! Gosh! Too busy! I have to admit- I call him devil child at times, because he is my little devil.... so sneaky but yet so adorable you can't punish him?! Ha!!! And I'm about to add a newborn! You guys are smart! :) Wait a while!!!

The Lada Family said...

I think erin is exactly right! Avery gets pegged as the bad child for the same reasons, but she's really good when Molly's not around... so maybe Molly should be the one to blame! :-)
Kids... they're all just a little bit "bad".

LU - just have them all bam bam bam! Then you just go crazy all at once.

as for the lack of posts! I am SO guilty! I'm blaming that one on 3 kids though.