Friday, August 28, 2009


We love oreos in this house.

Kind of funny because if you know me, you know that I don't really like chocolate.
But I do like oreos.

And I couldn't resist when I saw them on sale at Market Street last week for $1.99. I mean under $2 bucks for heaven in a cookie!

Anyway, this post really isn't about oreos, its how you eat them. You've all seen the commercials with person after person eating their oreo in different ways.

So since this blog is about my girls I thought I would post pics of their first oreos.

They are so different.

Grace - Nov. 2007 (pulled her oreo apart and ate the icing first!)

Emma - Aug. 2009 (she just eats it as fast as she can)

(I wish it were a better picture of Emma... she looks so sad... trust me she wasn't!!)


The Lada Family said...

I eat mine Emma style.

The Lada Family said...

random question....have you always used only lower case letters??

Erin said...

I eat mine Emma style with milk! :)

Maren eats the creme and leaves the cookie for her daddy or mommy!

Emma-leigh said...

Too cute... too too cute. Definately must have milk and I eat mine Emma style too.

Lindsay said...

Yummmmm... milk and oreos, I haven't had that since I was 10. Sounds good!

I think the lower case is the font on this lay out, bc I don't remember it before. Could be wrong??? :)