Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Seriously, four.

How can my itty bitty baby girl be four years old.

Where did the years go?

It's so true when other parents say that time really does fly. It does. And sometimes, I'll be honest, I'm so happy when the time flies. But most days it makes me sad to see the years going right past me. It is exciting that Grace is getting so big and able to do so much for herself, yet she still needs us. I don't know what I'll do when she doesn't need me anymore.... hopefully she will always need me.
Grace wanted a party for her big four year old birthday so we did. We chose a Valentine theme since after all her birthday is on Valentine's Day. And it was perfect.
We had all the decorations made from hearts. I made a wreath from cupcake liners that turned out super cute and made a banner. We also made some crayon hearts which we hung in the windows.
We filled goodie bags with some heart sunglasses, fruit snacks, a heart bracelet and a lollipop and tied a little Valentine on top. We also decorated a Christmas tree with hearts and tulle and I put out a picture of Grace on her 1st Valentine's Day.
All the party go-ers! Yes we did an all girl thing this year. We wanted to keep it small and intimate.
And the cake - made by me. (This cake is much larger than it looks...we are still eating on it!)

When the guests arrived we started with heart shaped pancakes and fruit. Not sure but I don't have a picture of the pancakes. Adam worked so hard on them!

After we had full tummies we played some games.
We pinned the lips on Ms. Valentine and we did a Heart Hunt.We also made a cute Heart picture frame.

Thankfully all the moms helped out!

And of course we ate some cake.
And ended with a little dress up. What else is a girl to do?!

It was a fun party!!
Happy 4th Birthday Grace!!


Erin said...

SHE LOOKS SO GROWN UP! How beautiful!

Meagan said...

You did such an AWESOME job on the cake!!! Looks professional!!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

You are like super mom! Seriously, that cupcake liner wreath and the cake look A-MAZING! What a fun party! Happy belated Birthday to miss Grace! It looks like she had a wonderful time! Her shirt in that first picture is adorable, too!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace! You did such an amazing job on her birthday party! You are so incredibly creative and talented! The cake looked like a professional cake! Well done! It looks like fun was had by all! She is truly a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Just remember, she will always be YOUR little girl...even when she is 30:)

missy said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! It looks as though you all had fun, especially the bday girl! Seriously Lisa, that cake looks so pretty....great job!! And all the decorations are so cute! Oh what fun to have a girl!!

The Amazing Trips said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!!

Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes? We'll be starting Kindergarten soon and from what I hear, once their in school > time goes at warp speed.

Hence the reason it is so important to enjoy each moment! (Or at least TRY. As I am reminded of a particularly difficult bedtime tonight...!)