Friday, May 07, 2010

Freebirds Friday

You're probably thinking, "what is Freebirds Friday"... well its just something my neighbors and I came up with. An Aggie knows how delicious Freebirds Burritos are... so as a fundraiser one of my neighbors thought it would be fun to go and get burritos for nearly the whole street. She just charged a small fee :)
Here are some of the pictures from the night. I know I've said it before but we really are blessed to live in such a great place. We enjoy all our neighbors company and are lucky to call them friends.
The girls - Riley, Ava and Emma
Little Cade and Emma

Leslie and Sydney

Messy Lila The girls again with their Popsicles!

And the newest generation on the block... all the babies... the 3 on the right were born within days of each other! How fun is that.

And the guys doing what they do best...

Thanks for a fun evening!

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Johnson Family said...

Ahh this makes me want to live in your neighborhood!!

*Keeping my fingers crossed!*