Thursday, June 03, 2010


The last couple weeks have been busy with changes.
Little Miss Emma is not so little anymore.
We took down her crib (very sad moment for me!) and put up her new big girl bed. What a non-event! Grace was much more of a transition, but Emma was a pro. She was so ready for a big girl bed. 1 week later its like she has always slept in a bed.
We have also been potty trained. I had planned on training her this summer but later this summer (when I was up for it)... well apparently Emma was ready for that change before I was too. She literally begged me to wear panties one morning and we were going to be home for a few hours so I said okay. And she stayed dried. I was floored. So we decided that day to do it! In the last couple weeks she has only had a few accidents. So proud of her! I can't believe she is only 2 years and 3 months. My girl big :)
And yes she is eating bread while sitting on the potty :)


The Lada Family said...

Eating bread while sitting on the potty... in the kitchen.

Hyperactive Lu said...


Johnson Family said...

Woohoo, way to go Emma!

Lindsay said...

Good job Emma!! Guess I am just chicken to take Averee out of her crib! Do you have a lock on her door?? She looks like such a big girl in her bed :)

We'll have to have Emma show Averee that it's not scary to go #2on the potty! She just tells me NO! Then I say you can have a sucker...NO. You can have some M&M's...NO. You can have that new puzzle on the top of the fridge...NO. Diaper Mommy!! Maybe next month :)

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