Wednesday, October 06, 2010

First day of preschool 2010-2011

The girls started preschool just after Labor Day. (only took me a month to blog about it!)

Emma is a guppie this year! (Their school has an animal name for each class). This is Emma's first year to go 2 days a week. She loves it! A lot of the girls (there are 8 girls and no boys in her class!!) go to our church as well so she already has a lot of friends. I'm so happy that she loves her school. She is busy working on learning her colors and shapes and numbers.

Grace started her last year of pre-k in the caterpillar class. She is going 3 days a week and is still going to speech 2 mornings a week. I can hardly believe my baby girl will be headin' to Kindergarten next year. I'm already sad about it and its still 10 months away! Grace is busy working hard on learning her letters and sounds better and site words to learn to read. She eats it all up! She loves to learn and loves to be challenged... she even asks for homework. We'll see if she has the same attitude towards school next year.

The girls taking a stop for a picture! I wanted to take one outside but it was pouring down rain :) Hopefully to be a great year!!

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Erin said...

Lisa, your babies are growing too fast! And a new one on the way! WOW!