Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 weeks

It only took 3 weeks of daycare for Little Miss Pris to get sick. I guess that should be no surprise.

I dropped her off at daycare yesterday morning and about an hour later the daycare called and said they thought she had pink eye. I had noticed she had a little eye drainage, but she has had that clogged tear duct issue off and on so I just cleaned it and sent her to daycare. So I brought Grace to the pediatrician and found out she did have pink eye. We ran by the pharmacy and got some drops and she seemed okay. Well last night at dinner she got sick and threw up in her high chair. We put her in the bath to clean her up and I could tell that something was right. When I pulled her out of the tub I realized she was soooo hot. She had a 103 temp! So we got her dressed, gave her some Motrin, and she fell asleep laying on my chest. She still has a fever this morning but it was 99.5 so it is much better. Hopefully it will break soon. I guess its just a little bug or something.... could it be teething maybe?

Anyway, while at the doctors office yesterday we did find out the results to Grace's allergy test. She is allergic to peanuts and pet dander! So no peanut butter and no dogs... wait!... what about Sammie (our sweet lab) ... well the pediatrician said she is the Moderate range, so we just need to keep Sammie clean (give her baths often) and keep the floor free of dog hair. Obviously he has never had a lab in the spring. Hopefully it will be something she will outgrow as she gets older. We are just so thank full that she wasn't allergic to something more threatening like wheat or milk (which is in like EVERYTHING).
Oh and like I've said before... every post is better with pictures... so here are a couple I took over the weekend. How can you resist those big blue eyes.


Janice said...

Sorry to hear about Gracie's allergies. Hopefully she outgrows them :-) .

By the way, her eyes are gorgeously blue! Love the bow as well. May I ask where you got it and does it stay on pretty well? My daughter Ava's hair is about the same length as Gracie's but I only have one that she wears for pictures. Thanks!

Barbara said...

Scrub -a-dub-dub for Sammie. Antibiotics (as you know) will clear the eye infection, but the peanut allergy is a pretty big thing. Gracie is such a precious beauty. Let's take her to the beach again this summer! I bet you'll be preg-o.
Love Aunt Barb

Wendy said...

Those eyes are stunning! Love em! Hope you are all on the up and up of things soon! STill loving your blog! :)

Michelle said...

She is just so beautiful!
Love talking with you today, hope Joanna gave you some good ideas!

Megan said...

Cute, cute! I turned the computer and showed Jared her pictures, and he said she's her daddy's clone. :) Hope she is feeling better soon!

Melissa said...

Cute pics! I need to be better about postsing pics, it makes the blogs MUCH better to see little ones' pics!

Lace said...

that is exactly what happened to us! pink eye and then the high fever spike that turned out to be the flu! poor baby! I hope she doesnt have the flu, but as you know day care carries every thing. let me know if you need anything,I know I cant do much from here but I may have some fresh suggestions since it was just last week for us! LYSOL!!!!