Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grace update

Poor baby... her fever was better for a while, but then this afternoon it started climbing again. About an hour ago it got up to 104 so I called the pediatrician on call and they said to bring her to the ER if it gets to 105 or if she breaks out in a rash. I'm pumping her with Motrin, but I've decided it isn't helping. So I will be taking her to the doctor first thing in the morning (for the second time this week!). Hopefully she will be feeling better by Thursday when we fly. So say a little prayer tonight for my sweet sick baby.

Another update: (updated Wednesday)
Grace had a fever all night, but this morning when she got up it was only 99. I still decided to take her to the doctor since it had gotten so high. He said it is just a virus... he thinks rotavirus...but its really just a guess. It just has to run its course. He thinks she may be on the tail end of it... I sure hope so. Thanks for thinking of my little Miss Pris.


Anonymous said...

we will say a little prayer for her and you. Good Luck!


Melissa said...

SUre hope your little Grace feels better!! It's no fun when they are sick!! We will say a little prayer for her. Good luck at the Dr. in the morning!

April said...

My prayer is the doctors will find the problem quickly and a solution even more quickly! I do hope Grace feels better in time for your trip and you have a great time!!