Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's going on?

Well I don't really know what has been going on, but we have been busy and I haven't blogged!

Here are some updates:
Grace is finally "going" like a normal little toddler! AMEN! If you read this post you know we have had a few issues with Grace and poop. Somehow it has just worked itself out and she is going usually once a day with little problem. Hopefully it will stay that way!
My friend, Margaret, gave us 4 bags of hand-me-down clothes today! Everything is in GREAT shape. What a blessing. Those of you that have kids know that clothes can really add up quick especially since they grow out of them so fast. Here is a picture of the clothes (not pictured is about 50 pairs of shoes as well!)... I organized them by size and season. THANKS again Margaret. I really owe you!

Grace is walking more and more each day. The most steps I've seen her take is around 10, but each day she is walking more and more. However, crawling is still her primary way of getting around.
I'm also still on the pursuit to get more fit. Lindsay has started a new blog... the inner health nut. So I'm following suit and trying to get my butt in gear. I'm still doing Turbo Jam (which I love), but I'm going to try to go walking for 30 minutes each day. As far as eating better, well I love to eat... but I'm gonna work on that too. So if you are out with me and I try to eat something bad... remind me that I want to look good in a swimsuit this summer :) THANKS!
Grace is into everything... I know I've said this before, but now I really mean it. She can open cabinets and drawers and love to pull everything out of them. (We have the cabinets with the cleaning stuff in it locked, but I don't think she has even tried to open that one!). Here is a picture of her reaching to pull stuff out of the top desk drawer. Lovely.
Grace loves to wear her daddy's glasses. Here is a picture of her... doesn't she look so smart :)

Oh and Happy Birthday to my blog! I've been blogging for 1 year now. Time flies when you're having fun.

I guess this is it for now. Be back soon!


Wendy said...

WOW! You have been busy!! Glad little Grace is back to normal. Hope those ears stay under control! I saw you went to Keenlad. How fun! We at one point lived in KY and would go to Churchill Downs every once in a while. IT was so fun to see. Every year I plop in front of the TV to see the Derby! Love it! Alos, love her blue eyes in the pic of the previous post. Gorgeous! I need to link you so I con't have to find you.... Glad I could catch up tonight!!

Jamie said...

I LOVE hand-me-downs!!! How awesome!!! She looks so cute in daddy's glasses! I'm trying to eat better and exercise too...fun :P

Jennisa said...

She's adorable! Great that you can have 'loved clothes'. It does get expensive! I love the cute chick shirt...she sure is a cute chick!

Jen said...

Love the glasses pic...SO CUTE!

LaShawn said...

She is adorable. Hand me downs are the best. No sense letting perfectly good clothes go to waste. I also love resale shops!

Megan said...

At least Grace is a smart shopper. She pulled that coupon right out of there! Way to go!

I love her in the glasses! Too cute!

Margaret said...

hey girl - SO happy that you loved all the hand-me-downs - I can actually walk into Karina's closet now! Thank you so much for babysitting Cade so I could go to Sean's funeral - I really appreciated it!
I still have lots more hand-me-downs, so I will give you more soon!
Take Care