Tuesday, August 14, 2007

18 months already!!

How did this little baby girl.... turn into this active toddler??

Practically overnight! Grace is my little wild woman. She is learning new things everyday and becoming quite a little sweetheart (when she wants to be).

Here is what she is up to these days:

*She will point to pretty much any body part when asked.
*She will make the sound of a cow, cat & dog.
*She says about 10 understandable words... but I think she says more I just can't understand them. Oh and she did say "baby" for the first time this week! (Maybe she is catching on?)
*She lets you know when she wants to eat or drink by banging on the refridgerator door!
*She LOVES to swim and is a little braver than I would like her to be.
*She eats pretty much everything... even her veggies! I'm sure that will change though as she gets older.
*She has been going to the bathroom on the potty more and more. She learned to say "potty" so she tells us usually a couple times a day she wants to go. We aren't pushing it yet though. However it would be wonderful to have her trained before the new baby arrives.
She has her 18 month well visit next week so I'll give her stats then.
I had a doctors appointment this morning and I actually got to have another ultrasound!! YEAH! I walked in and he asked if I wanted another ultrasound this week and I said YES! My doctor is sort of like a little kid sometimes... with my last pregnancy I think I had 5 ultrasounds and its always fun to get a sneak peak of your baby. Just makes it all seem so much more real and well worth all the getting sick business! I am trying to find someone with a scanner so I can scan the photos in. The baby looks great. Growing well. I did lose 6 pounds since my last appointment, and he wasn't thrilled about that. Maybe if what I ate actually stayed in my tummy! Oh well I'm sure I will start gaining soon... probably sooner than I would like. :)


Noe said...

she's such a beautiful girl!!!

Ashley said...

She is so cute! Happy 18 months! Are you going to find out the gender of this baby?? What are you hoping for?

Lu said...

Great pictures! From 18mos. they start growing up so fast.... I can't believe all the things Bubbie learned how to do and say from 18 mos. to 2.5 yrs.... its just amazing! You sit there dumbfounded sometimes!!! Again, hope you start feeling better! Drink lots of gatorade?!

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Gracie is such a doll! I can not wait to see pics of the little baby growing in your tummy and I do hope you start feeling better very soon!!

Lindsay @ Splat Designs said...

Oh I am in LOVE with her bracelet picture!
She is a ham!

Jamie said...

She is doing so well. You are having more luck with the potty training than we are. I can get her to go if I put her there (sometimes) but can't get her to tell me when it's time!

And woo hoo on the veggies!!