Thursday, August 23, 2007

well check today!

We went to the doctor this morning for Gracie's 18 month well check and everything looks good. She is right on par with other 18 month old's. Here were her stats:

Height: 33 3/4 inches (95 percentile!!!)

Weight: 23 pounds (25 percentile)

Our little long and lean girl... wonder if this means she could be a model or basketball player?? Two things I would have never have imagined for myself being only 5'4" :)

Only bad news we got is that Grace may have to have a little procedure done on her eye. Her eye is still getting this yucky goop in it pretty much on a daily basis. A lot of babies have this ... it is called a clogged tear duct, but it is normally goes away on its own by this age. So we have to see a Opthomologist (spelling?) next Tuesday to see what he thinks. Our pediatrician thinks they will just have to release the duct which will require Grace to be put under anesthesia... sort of scary, but it is a common procedure that takes about as long as it does to get ear tubes. I guess the concern is that the goop in her eye could lead to vision issues so we would rather get this taken care of now. We will let you know how the appointment goes and what the doctor says next week!

Here is a picture of Grace after nap showing off her battle scar... thankfully there was only 1 shot today!! Grace didn't even cry, but probably b/c the nurse distracted her with a bracelet and a sucker. (Her sticker has hearts on it. The ones they always give her b/c she was our little Valentine baby!)


Erin said...

So cute! Yes, the blood tests on Maren were for her kidney stuff.

Michelle said...

You didn't tell me about the eye thing. I hope everything goes well with that. Call me when you can!

Jamie said...

I had to do a double-take at where you live because we used to go to My Gym with a little girl named Gracie with a clogged tear duct. Her little eye was always watering. But it's not you guys!

Hope the procedure is fast and painless for her, sounds like it's the right decision anyway...good luck.

Can't thank you enough for your comment on Avery's speech. It's helping to know that I am not alone, even if that means other mom's are worrying too :) I keep running your words through my head, and hopefully you are doing the same. These kiddos WILL talk, they just set their own schedule right?

Ashley said...

You're lucky she still sleeps in a crib. My two year old HATED his crib from the get go so by the time he was 18 months old, we had already switched to a "big boy" bed. He liked it a lot better than his crib, but it didn't take him long to realize he could get out.

I do hope the shot didn't slow her down any, I hate when they have to get those nasty things!

Megan said...

I think it's precious that they give her heart stickers for her boo-boos!! I can't believe she didn't cry!

I know lots of people who have had that eye thing done, and I'm sure there is no need to worry. Be sure and let us know the date, so Eleanor and I can say a special little prayer for Gracie!