Saturday, March 01, 2008

Date night

Since Miss Emma has decided to delay her entrance into the world, my mom offered to keep Grace last night to give Adam and I a date night. We gladly accepted! We dropped Grace off for the night around 6 and we headed to dinner and a movie. I can't even remember the last movie that Adam and I went to see together.

We got home and went to bed. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but it was so nice to go to sleep and sleep in. We then had a VERY relaxing morning. I ate breakfast while sitting on the couch and watching tv and then took a long shower and ever so slowly got ready for the day.

It is amazing the things that you totally take advantage of when you don't have kids. Taking your time getting ready is definitely one for me. But it had to end eventually. And we were ready. It's funny how parents need time away from their children, but when they are away they miss them terribly and wonder what they are doing. I guess that is what parenthood is all about.


Jennisa said...

Can't wait to see you baby Emma!

Ashley said...

My husband was reading this over my shoulder last night and he fell in love with the name Emma! I told him I thought we already had a name picked out if it was a girl and he said maybe not anymore!!

Barbara said...

Hi Lisa, It is amazing how much we miss our children. Even as adults.
And love always remains unconditional. You are right, that is what parenthood is all about. Hey... I got to talk to Grace on the phone yesterday. Love to you.
Aunt Barbara

Erin said...

I am so glad that you were able to get away. :) I am sure y'all needed that! Enjoy your one on one time with Gracie before Miss Emma arrives!