Sunday, March 02, 2008

Everyone but me

How come everyone I know is having babies but me?? :)

Really though... I just got a call from my aunt and her water just broke! And she isn't due for a 8 days. I'm due tomorrow! What the heck?

Oh well. She had her 2nd child 3 weeks early so I guess this isn't really early for her. My babies just need some extra baking time to fattin' up! :)


Jennisa said...

I'm thinking March 4th sounds like a good date....I like even numbers...

I'm still stalking your site! Thanks for updating, even if it isn't about her coming yet! :)

Hope you have internet access in the hospital! :)

Barbara said...

Jim called me too at about 7 but I haven't heard anything. Was Audrey Loughborough born?
YOU ARE NEXT!!!!! Hear that Emma Dugan?

Erin said...

Hang in here!!!