Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emma's half birthday!

Emma is now our big girl at 18 months!

At least that is what she thinks.

Honestly, I really wonder/fear what kind of pre-teen she is going to be?!

Emma is definitely our strong-willed child that knows what she wants and isn't stopping till she gets it. However in the same breath, she is sweet and kind and always ready to blow a kiss or give a high five!

She loves to do anything that means we are going - loves to go shopping (for a bit), loves to go the park, loves to go for rides in the car or a stroll around the neighborhood, she loves to go to the pediatrician, and loves to hang out and play with friends at their houses of course (new toys!). She just loves to be on the go.

Emma is really into pretend these days - playing with her baby dolls and putting them "night, night" or feeding them their bottles or even taking them for a stroller ride around the house - she loves it! She also loves playing house and with her little kitchen.
She is a great little sleeper - typically sleeping from 8:30pm-7:30am and usually takes a 3 hours nap after lunch.

Emma loves books as well. Well, she really just loves to pull every single one off the shelf and thumb through them. She has gotten into bedtime story time most. We all cuddle up in Grace's bed and read a couple books every night. She loves being in her sister's big bed. I suspect that we might have to move her to a big girl bed before we know it. She just loves it!

She also went pee-pee on the potty for the first time over the weekend!! I pulled out one of our little potty's and started putting her on the potty before bath time. Grace actually did the same thing about this age, but we have no plans to potty train till sometime next Spring/Summer - after she is 2.

Emma is also a little shatter box. I don't know exactly how many words she says but its a lot. I would say a good guess is that she is saying around 100 words. She tries to repeat nearly everything we ask her to and some things we don't. :)

Oh and I've almost forgotten - I think her hair might be starting to get curly. It's just doing this cute little flip up thing in the back and I love it. Maybe it will be curly like Gracie's hair?? Or maybe just a little body. Can't wait to see!


Emma's 18 month stats:
Height - 32 inches (61%)
Weight - 22.2 lbs (18%)
Head - 19 inches (90%)

Emma actually lost weight from 15-18 months... just seeming to get taller and leaner. Thankfully she only lost a few ounces (which could have been b/c of what she ate) so the doctor wasn't worried at all.

The doctor did say she is way ahead with her language development. He said its pretty common for kids with siblings, but its super exciting for us. :)

Happy half birthday baby girl!! Until then stay little - your daddy and I just love this age!


Lu said...

She is so darn cute!!!

Amanda said...

She is so adorable! Happy 1/2 birthday Emma. :)

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

I've been MIA in blog land lately. She is precious! Yeah for curly hair like her sister's! It's so pretty!