Tuesday, September 08, 2009

first day

Today was Grace's first day back at preschool. She was so excited and ready to go meet her new teachers and new friends.

As always, she walked right in and said "see you later". I know she is going to have a blast, but why does she have to make leaving mom seem so easy!

I'm so excited to see what she learns and what new adventures this year brings.

(And of course Miss Emma had to have her picture taken too!)


Erin said...

I love watching your girls grow even though I have never met either of them. It seems like yesterday that I met you at Sellarman's in TX. :)

Lindsay said...

Gosh, our babies are growing up.

Emma's hair is growing! :)

Aunt Christee said...

Uncle Paul wanted me to tell you girls, that both of you are the prettiest little girls, ever.

The Lada Family said...

both of them look so big! It's the longer hair!

Lu said...

Love the pics! They are such precious girls!!!! Makes me want girls! ;) Hope the school year is fantastic!