Saturday, April 24, 2010

my 2nd half

I finished my second half marathon nearly 2 weeks ago. (Yes I'm a terrible blogger these days!).

Hailey came into town to run it too with one of my running partners. It was her first and she kicked some butt! Here we are posing for a picture before we left at 5:45am. Somehow we were able to look kind of cute and perky... which if you would have known the night we had before you would think it wouldn't have been possible. (No it wasn't a big party of a night, it was kids up crying and unhappy!)

Despite being up all night with kiddos, I actually felt pretty good and ready to run. Up until mile 9, I was on a 9.5/min pace, but around mile 9 there were a few hills and I was getting tired. Slowed down but still finished in 2 hours and 14 minutes. Just over a 10/minute mile. I was thrilled!
The race started just outside of the Cowboys Stadium but finished inside (on the 50 yard line!). Super cool finish!! Everyone got to see us finish on the big jumbo screen!
Hailey's friend, Maggie, also ran a 5K that morning but waited around to see us finish!!

And of course a trip to Cowboys Stadium wouldn't be complete without Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders!! This one was really for the guys :)


Sherry said...

Yay! You posted the pics finally ;)

Congrats on your second half, time to sign up for a marathon now!!!

Jen said...

Lisa!!! That is so great! I am super proud of you and Hailey!