Tuesday, December 28, 2010

baby practice

The girls love babies. They love baby dolls and real babies too. Lately it seems like all they talk about... guess they are excited. Wonder if that excitement will be the same once Layla is here??
Here the girls are cuddling while watching a show. Grace told me to take a picture and said that they were practicing holding the baby. Notice Emma has her pinkie finger in the baby's mouth.
On a shopping trip to Target this year we bought a couple small baby dolls to give as Christmas gifts. Grace put the baby under her shirt and said "I've got a baby in my tummy"... and so it began. There are babies in a lot of tummies in our house. Besides mommy baby, Emma has a baby in her tummy often.

11 weeks (or maybe a little sooner) Miss Layla will be here!! Oh and her room is officially pink!! Painting is done.

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Anonymous said...

Paige has been doing that all month and telling me that she is Mary. She really likes the story of baby Jesus!