Friday, December 17, 2010

my third sweet baby girl update... 27 weeks

I can't even believe I'm 27 weeks and 3 days.

Last week I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed that we had done NOTHING to prepare for this sweet baby girl growing inside me. So in a weeks time this is what we have done...

1. moved all Grace's old furniture out of her room and set up the baby crib. (We actually moved Grace and Emma into a room together a couple months ago and they are doing great and love being with their sister.... most of the time... I'll post pictures of their room soon... when its finished!)

2. Ordered an infant car seat and stroller. Early this year (before I was preggo) I sold my old car seat and stroller mainly b/c it was going to expire (yes car seats expire after 5 years) and really I thought IF we had another baby it would be a long time from now. My parents graciously offered to buy a new car seat for the baby and we were lucky to find a great deal!
3. Bought paint. Yes we only bought the paint. A very very pale shade of pink. Hopefully we (meaning Adam) will get a chance to paint sometime this month. I'm so excited about the pink. Grace's nursery was yellow and Emma's was green, so its fun to actually have a pink girly nursery! :)
4. Registered at the hospital. I actually had not thought about this, but my OB told me at my appointment this week to go ahead and get registered. And the hospital I'm delivering at has online registration. So easy and fast!
5. I think we may have decided on a name for our precious third baby girl.... not quite ready to write it down and make official, but we can't manage to think of anything that would be better. I'll let you know soon.

On another note, I've been meaning to make a note of all the things the girls have been saying these last couple months. They are so excited and its so cute to see their excitement. When I was pregnant with Emma, Grace was still so little so this is all very new.

Things Grace says:

- We were at shoe store a couple months ago and when we were checking out she told the cashier "my mommy has a baby in her tummy"... that was the first (of now many) times she has told a stranger about the baby. This has now turned into telling random people at even more random times about the baby growing in my belly.

- She always comes up to my belly and asks if the baby is kicking. She puts both hands on my belly and starts rubbing. It's super cute that is always asking but sometimes she wont get her hands off me.

- Every time we cuddle she is so concerned about hurting the baby. The other day I was laying on the couch and she wanted to lay with me... only there isn't so much room anymore. So she told the baby to move. HAHA! ... if it were only that easy.

Things Emma says:

- She loves to pull my shirt up and poke on my belly button and ask if the baby is coming out. She wants the baby to be here now.

- Emma has been asking if my tummy hurts. I guess it all stretched out just doesn't look comfy.

I guess that's about it for now. I just can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I have to to do yucky glucose test this next week and I also start going to the OB every 2 weeks! I've still been feeling pretty good minus a few aches and pains and weird ailments that I'll save you from hearing about. Let's just say that with each pregnancy it truly is harder on your body... probably doesn't help that I'm trying to keep up with my 2 big girls! :)


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

I have the glucose test coming up next, too :) Can't believe how close our pregnancies are - my csection date is scheduled for march 28th.. exciting but scary that it's so soon :)

Meagan said...

Yayyyy!!! So excited - you look great! I can't wait to hear the name :) Love ya!

Melanie said...

You look great Lisa!!! I have my 20week ultrasound on the 27th. We are so excited to find out the sex. Are you feeling tired? I just feel so run down and tired with this pregnancy.

The Lada Family said...

I feel like I just read an old entry to my own diary. Good luck!!
and... you better at least send me a text of the name ASAP! :-)

Hyperactive Lu said...

You look great! And the pic of you and the girls is so cute!!! I can't remember when you are due...or if you said in this post. Have a Merry Christmas!