Monday, February 14, 2011

My 5 year old Valentine

How can this girl be five??!!

Grace is such a blessing to have in our lives. She is a such a happy little girl and is usually in a good mood.
Grace loves playing with her friends and loves going to school even more.

She loves dolls. Really I thought dolls were for little little girls, but this girl loves to be a little mommy. She has recently gotten into her American Girl look alike. Thankfully she doesn't know hers isn't real. Her doll is named "Sally". Although most of her dolls or babies are named Sally.
She is also quite goofy. She has started to pose more and more when I try to snap a picture. Here is a little proof:

And some more...

And like I said she is just a happy girl.
And she loves her sister dearly... it is so fun to see these two. While yes they do argue and fight, they really truly love each other and watch out for one another. I hope they welcome their new sister with open arms. **************************
Other things Grace is up to: (more for me)
*She can count to 30 alone and can count to 100 with help. She needs helps starting at each new ten.
*She can write about 10 words from memory. But she is very good at writing her name and Emma's name. She is also pretty neat with her writing. Her teachers tell me she takes her time and is always working hard to finsh her work perfectly.
*She has made amazing strides in her speech class. Most people are surprised to know she is in speech but it has been great to her. She has made so much progress and is ready for Kindergarten.
*She knows how add most single digit numbers (like 2+5). Maybe bound to be a math person like her daddy? Definitely doesn't get it from me!!
And for fun I always love to look at how much kids change and grow in such a short time...
Grace at 1 week
Grace at 1

Grace at 2
Grace at 3

Grace at 4
Grace at 5! (same shirt as last year...)
Happy Birthday sweet girl!! We love you and proud to have you as our daughter.

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Lindsay said...

Wow, time flies! Well, Happy Birthday to your 5 year old little girl!! Sounds like y'all are doing great!!