Saturday, October 27, 2007

hey hey

Where did the week go?

I really have no clue. It was a busy week, plus I crashed my laptop when I spilled a little water on it. Thankfully we just had to get a new hard-drive and it works like new. I was also relieved that we have a back up wireless hard-drive that all our pictures and documents were saved to. So I didn't lose anything. AMEN! What would I do if I lost all the pictures of my baby girl??!!

We also had church meetings, a Halloween party and I had a girl's dinner so the week just flew past us. I'll try to be better this week, but now I'm off to bed early. I'm still tired from staying out late last night for the Halloween party. I needed to post something so my granny wouldn't worry.

And since I have no new pictures I thought I would post a picture of Grace from last Halloween. I can't get over how round her face was... she was my little chunky monkey! What happened to the rolls??


Ashley said...

Cade is going to be a pumpkin this year and he gets to test out his trick or treating skills tonight when we go "trunk or treating" at church.

What is she this year??

Lindsay said...

OMG, she was precious!
I can not wait to see pics this year of her HAlloween!

Lu said...

Love the picture from last year! Hee hee! Chunky monkey! Too cute! Glad you had a great week!

Jamie said...

She was a doll! Can't wait to see this years costume.
Love your Mr Potato head pumpkins, that's hilarious!

Erin said...

Hey babe!
Glad all is going well. They do grow up so fast!