Friday, October 19, 2007


Thank you so much for all the sweet words! I think I am still surprised because I really thought we were having a little boy... but I couldn't be happier to have another girl!
I have to post a picture of my sweetie. Don't you love that smile!

And everyone has been asking what we are going to name the baby... we have no clue! We like a couple names, but aren't ready to claim one for her yet. And no it will not be something like Faith or Hope. We like traditional, simple names. I'll let you know when we decide. Until then feel free to give any suggestions!


Margaret said...

Margaret is a beautiful name - :)
It means Pearl! How about Macie??? Love that name! Cade would've been a Macie if he would've been a girl!

Love that belly - so pretty! :)

misspriss said...

Yea Lisa!! I'm so very excited for you, sweetie! Little girls are SO precious! Your little one will have the Best Big Sister in the world!


Megan said...

Your belly is so adorable!! It makes me think of that time we had dinner at Chili's in Longview when you were pregnant with Grace. :)

I'm trying to think of a name to suggest, but I'm also being selfish and keeping my favorites to myself incase I need them. :)

Tiffany said...

Love her blue eyes & smile in this pic!

Jamie said...

I see you removed your belly picture :) You shouldn't be embarrased, it's a perfectly lovely belly!

I just had to tell you, a friend of my sisters had daughter named Grace, and them had a boy and named him Will. I couldn't believe it.

You will pick the perfect name, I just know it.

Lisa said...

Yes I removed the belly pics.. my hubbie wasn't thrilled with me showing the world my belly... so it will all have to be left to the imagination... I'll try to take some belly pics with my shirt down :)

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Another girl? How wonderful! I have 2 girls exactly 2 years and one day apart in age and it couldn't be more perfect. They are so close! Totally best buds. I always wanted a sister and never got one, so I'm so happy my girls have that. I think you're going to love having 2 girls. You can dress them fun!!!!

Lu said...

I love the picture! Too sweet!

Hope I didn't get you in trouble with the Hubbie.... I won't ask for pics again! Hee Hee!

Let us know when you've picked a name!

Hailey said...

Grace's hair looks long and her face looks thinner... or maybe her neck looks longer... either way, when I notice differences then I know it's been too long since we've seen you!
AND - I was going to post asking for picture of your stomach but I see from the comments that Adam wanted you to delete them! Tell him to quit his whining and put those pictures back up there. I know he doesn't think he's in charge right?? Besides... it's only friends and family that look at your blog anyway.

Melanee said...

Lisa, she looks SO old now! She is such a pretty girl.