Monday, November 12, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately... things have been just so busy. I'll expain more later, but for now here is a picture of my child reverting to being a baby. I pulled out her exersaucer to put in the attic and she HAD to be in it. And you also may notice the pacifier. She has never taken a pacifier except when she was really little... but the last couple weeks she has to have one. So I've had to go out and buy a couple because she was stealing other children's pacificers. What am I going to do when baby #2 is here?? Do all 21 month old children do this?


HyperactiveLu said...

No, I think all kids do it, no matter what age! Bubbie did it last Christmas, he was 2, when his 6 mos. old cousin came to visit and Nana got the baby toys and exersaucer out. He wanted to get in it SO bad! Now, pacifier....Bubbie use to have to sleep with 5, one in his mouth and 2 in each hand...Someone gave us one for the new baby and he hasn't tried to get one. He's said they were for we'll see. I've been taking baby toys out of the attic and cleaning them...he REALLY wants to play with them! So, who knows?! I am trying to be easy going about it so that maybe he doesn't feel as though its a big deal! She'll get out of it! Just talk to her about being a BIG girl! I think I talked SO much about the baby around Bubbie that it kinda back fired on me and I had to step back and not SAY anything to him for a few he'll say "where's my brother?" or he'll mention something about the baby. Good luck! I'm in the same boat!

Janice said...

I can't believe you said she's 21 months old!!!!!!! It seems like I was just reading about her first birthday!

I had a hard time taking the pacifier away from Cameron and wasn't able to do it until he turned 2. But I think Gracie will be ok. I am sure it's just a phase and will grow out of it . She looks so darn cute in the excersaucer!!!

Ashley said...

Maybe she's getting her two year molars and that's why she likes the pacifiers, makes her gums feel better. It looks like she's just chewing, not sucking on it so maybe this will quickly pass.

She sure is cute though!

Megan said...

That cracks me up!! Eleanor always tries to get in her exersaucer when I go rifling around in the storage room. They looks so huge in them now!!

miles said...

I think that she'll be fine! She probablly smells the new baby. Be prepared but patient. She's used to being the only baby and now she is gonna have a new role!

Melanee said...

Cute! First of all, congrats on Adam's new job and the decision to move! How great.
Second, Carson has always used a pacifier, but it got worse when Colin was born and we let him do it because we knew it was quite a change for him to deal with. Well, this week I finally made him part with it during the day. He is only allowed one when he's in his crib.
Grace must sense lots of big changes in her future. I say, no big deal! She'll get over the paci!
Carson loves to sit in our exersaucer. He gets in it a few times a day!