Monday, November 05, 2007

The news is in...

No, not me... we are still having a girl (at least we think so!). My brother and his wife just found out they are having a little boy! My sister-in-law is due just a couple weeks after me and we couldn't be more excited for a little boy! Especially since we have one little girl here and one on the way... we need a boy in the family. :)
Oh and just for those who are curious...
my 2 friends and my aunt that are pregnant are all having girls! So you can see we really needed a little boy.


Lu said...

Ha! Ha! Well, you got me... I thought I had read the earlier post wrong... Ha! BTW, your question, what do we eat for lunch? Hubbie and I both have a lunch budget... Bubbie and I usually have lunch out during the week, once and Hubbie splits his money among the weeks... When we're at home, or Hubbie eats at work, we have sandwiches - turkey, chicken salad, egg salad- Hubbie likes pimento cheese... We do corn dogs, hot dogs and chicken nuggets... Bubbie likes pepperoni and cheese, so I make a lunch out of that for him... Just random stuff. Sometimes we won't have enough leftovers for a dinner meal, I'll divide that among Hubbie and I. Just depends, but I try to save leftovers for dinner.

Erin said...

I guess that one friend is Hailey? Is she having a girl, too?

Wow, good thing I am not drinking OK's water! There are a lot of preggos!

Lindsay said...

I was about to flip out and say WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU CALL ME!
Congrats Auntie Lisa!

The Duece Crew said...

Congrats to Brian! Ahhh finally another boy. I thought Noah was going to be the only one for awhile there.