Friday, November 09, 2007

My Oreo baby

Grace LOVES Oreos. But then again who doesn't. Shoot I don't even like chocolate (which is a totally different post), but I like Oreos. I think the baby in my belly likes them too :)
Anyway, she pulls apart the oreo and licks all the icing out of the middle then proceedes to eat the 2 chocolate cookies. It is just so funny to watch. How did she learn to eat the good part first? Adam and I don't eat oreos that way?
Here is a picture of my oreo girl!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

My mom says that was the only way she could mop the floor when I was a wee one was to put me in a high chair with an oreo.

Explains my life long weight issue!

Margaret said...

Girl - That is how you are suppose to eat oreos! Oreos are YUMMY! :)

Ashley said...

there's no wrong way to eat an oreo.

Well, that's the Reeses slogan but you get my point.

Erin said...

MMmm...that looks and sounds so good! I like the double stuffed ones!