Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas thoughts

I'm so sad this year because I have no Christmas decorations to look at. Since we are probably moving the week of Christmas we have opted to not put up a tree and bring out all the stuff. I did bring out the wreath for the front door and our stockings, but that's it. At least we will be at my parents house for Christmas morning so Gracie will get to enjoy a tree there.

This weekend we also started (and finished!) our Christmas shopping!! The last several weeks have been so busy with job and moving stuff that we haven't had time to focus on Christmas. I can't believe it is in just a couple weeks!

We also attempted a Christmas card picture... not much luck for a family photo so I got one of just Grace. Hopefully we can get those in the mail this week!

OH and I almost forgot we tried to do Santa, but the line was LONG!! Apparently Sunday's at 11 are bad. I guess because everyone is already dressed up for church they just head to Santa... who stole our idea? So we are going to try again hopefully this week or next. Gotta go see Santa right?

That's about it for my Christmas thoughts. I'm off to wrap Christmas presents. And maybe start packing... we move in 3 weeks (maybe sooner!!!).


Erin said...

Hope things go smoothly with the move. Your new home looks beautiful. Once you get moved in and settled, please send me pics via email of the house, and your cute preggo self!

Have a great week!

Lu said...

I would probably be sad too... I didn't pull out many decorations, because of the due date and I'm have been kinda sad about it too. I don't usually enjoy "decorating for Christmas" but this year, since Bubbie really knows what is going on, I wanted to really "blow it out".... I hate to have to de deck the halls right after a c-section just a tree, a wreath and the stockings... I am definitely trying to make the rest of the "season" special for Bubbie... We missed Santa yesterday at church too... I feel awful! That's the only thing we haven't done so far... Just a bad "D-day" I guess! Well, just think, your little girl can't remember and next year will be full of new house, new baby and Grace will definitely be able to REALLY get into Santa next year!!! :) I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers. I know moving is SO terribly stressful. Its stressful when you're pregnant because you can't do as much or get tired easier (at least I did)and then moving with a child is hard too... I am so thankful that you were able to find a house before the new baby! That is a HUGE answer to prayer!!! Good luck with packing and moving!!!