Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A girl and her wuvey (lovey)

I don't know what Grace would do without her lovey. When she was 9 months or so she started to become attached to a blanket with silky on one side. So last year for Christmas my mom made her 6 lovey's that have silky on one side. We lost one last year when we were out shopping, thankfully I had another one in my car! Anyway, I took a couple photos of her snuggling with her lovey because it really is such apart of her.


Erin said...

What a cutie pie!

hyperactivelu said...

So sweet! Love your pictures! BTW, I don't really like the Hotsling that much, because Grayson doesn't enjoy the cradle position. I have really enjoyed my ring sling because I can do the tummy to tummy and he loves that. It helps when we're doing errands and Bubbie can have the buggy. :) Just wanted to answer your question! I think I want to get another ring sling and I'll try the Hot Sling once Little Peanut has head control!

Ashley said...

My boys both have blankies. Cade can't go anywhere without it. If he's tired, nothing calms him down like his blankie. Cody pretty much just needs it at home when he's going to bed but there was a time when he too was as attached to the thing. I don't have extras though, they both have known the difference so I have to make sure we keep track of them! Hopefully we wont get in a situation where we lose one of them.

I hate how dirty they get though and you I have to find a time where niether of them will need it so I can sneak it in the wash. Two days later, it's just as nasty. Oh well, it keeps them safe and happy!