Wednesday, January 16, 2008

just an update

Things are slowing down around here... finally. We are for the most part settled. Although we haven't managed to hang any pictures, almost everything else has found a home. It is nice I have to admit to move to a larger home. Makes finding new places for stuff easy. We have several cabinets in our kitchen that are completely empty! My only main complain is there isn't really an extra closet on the first floor for stuff... you know... Grace's toys, the vacuum, etc. So those items are either in the laundry room or crammed in every little corner of the house.

Grace was doing well in the toddler bed, but she kept falling out! So we decided to just go ahead and put her in the big bed (full size) on the floor and she is doing great. Each day is getting easier and easier. And today when I laid her down for her nap she just said "night night" and laid right down! AMEN! What an answered prayer. I worried so much about moving her to a big girl bed and she really has done very well. Here is a picture of her sleeping in her new bed. My big girl!

I'm feeling very pregnant these days. I am now 33 weeks. WOW! This pregnancy has really flown by. We have been working on the baby's room a lot. I pulled a bin of old clothes and just sat there wondering how my toddler fit in all those clothes. I know she didn't fit in them for long, but how was she ever that little? I can't wait to have another baby girl wearing those clothes. Half of them look like new! Other than diapers and a few other miscellaneous items we are pretty much ready for this baby girl to come. Grace seems to be getting it more each day that there is a baby growing in my belly. She will lift my shirt up (only at home thankfully!) and will say baby. She will kiss my belly and press her ear against my belly button just listening. Who knows what she hears. But she always pops up and smiles and says "baby". I wonder if she will be that excited when she realizes that baby is going to occupy her mommy and daddy's attention! OH and whenever we are out and about and Grace sees a baby she yells "baby" and gets so excited. She even reaches her hands out like she wants to hold the baby. Again, I wonder if she will have the same excitement when Emma arrives. Somehow I think the newness of a baby sister is going to wear off very quickly!

On another note, I went to my friend Tiffany's baby shower this past weekend. She is due with her first baby the same as me and she is also have a girl. How fun is that! The girls are destined to be best friends! Here is a picture of Tiffany and I and are growing belly's.

And thanks everyone to posted about places to shop for dresses. I haven't found "the one" yet. I realized that most places don't have their Easter dresses out quite yet. I was told to wait a couple more weeks. So the first week in February I'm there. Although, I did find a couple I LOVE on the website you guys suggested. I just want to make sure I can't find something a little cheaper than online.


Megan said...

Glad to hear the Dugans are getting all settled in! Grace looks so tiny in that big girl bed!

hyperactivelu said...

You look great! So glad that you are getting settled! I love Grace's quilt on her bed! So pretty! Wow! 33 WEEKS!!! Its not much longer. I was gonna say about the dresses... I find a lot of things on ebay. They'll have sibling smocked outfits on sale together. Just an idea. BTW, you said to find a hooter cover. What do you suggest? I saw a shaw type thing and then there are apron looking things. Which did you use or do you think works best? Also, did you use a sling for Grace? I'm having an awful time with my slings. Not sure if my baby doesn't like them or what. He hates being held in the cradle position so I might have to use a baby carrier until he gets big enough to sit up in a sling.... Just curious!

Jamie said...

Grace looks so big in her bed (and yet so small!)
I'm a little scared to move Avery up to a big-girl bed actually, but hopefully our transition will be as smooth as yours.

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! You look great!

Erin said...

Glad is going well! :)

The Lada Family said...

Here's a random comment from me... I really like the paint color in the back of the pregnant picture. It looks similar to your blonde but maybe a hair darker and a little less gold. I am starting to really want to paint my living and dining room. My neighbors house VERY similar to mine but they have awesome dark colors throughout and it just looks so darn good. I need to hire someone to pick out my colors!