Thursday, November 20, 2008


So yeah I think its kind of fun to compare photos of the girls when they were about the same ages.

I was snapping a couple pictures the other morning of Emma crawling and I remembered I had pictures of Grace that were simular. Definitly sisters! But they are starting to look different to me... what do you think?

Grace - 7 months

Emma - 8 months


Jennisa said...

it's so hard to tell with your own kids!!!

I think Grace has a longer face and Emma has a more round face.

They have the same eyes, but their noses are different!

But, the main similarity? They are completely ADORABLE!!!

Jenny Garland said...

Tooooo cute, seriously! I think they look so much alike. The eyes are strikingly similar to me, and their ears look the same. I love these comparison shots :)

Lindsay said...

Yes, I agree. Grace has a longer face, Emma's is more round, and they have different noses. Even Grace's hair looked longer, but now so full and curly! They are sisters that's for sure, but starting to look very different!! As to where a few months ago, in your post, they looked SO much alike!

Erin said...

They hold their mouth the same way, how precious is that!

I can't wait to see how Maren and her sister look alike and different. :)

Jen said...

When I saw Emma at the shower, I saw so much of Grace in her. They are definitely sisters! And they are so adorable:)

To answer your question earlier, the chair is down in Allen at Stacy's. I don't know what time we are headed down, but I will call you:)

The Lada Family said...

Joey thought they were both Grace :-)
If you switched their noses I might not be able to tell them apart. Grace definitly has Adam's nose and Emma has yours. No doubt about it! :-)
I need to compare pictures of Molly and Avery.
You should post one of baby pictures of you and adam at 7 and 8 months.

Megan said...

It cracks me up how much your girls look like each other and like Adam!! Such little beauties!! (Not Adam...the girls... :) )